Currently in development

Dungeon City is our take on the Underworld. More specifically, the Elysian fields/Elysium, an afterlife where you get to do what you loved doing in your ‘topside’ life for all eternity.

Players primarily follow Billi and Milli’s stories as they help figure out what trouble has brewed in Dungeon City.

As developers, we hope that all the weird stuff in our heads speaks to the players and that they find it funny and get satisfaction from the gameplay. Also, we hope it will be a game that older people (our age people) can play with their kids.

Influences on the game range from mythology and folklore to Final Fantasy, Diablo and pretty much all the cartoons we binge on.


Coins and Stuff 2: Dungeon City is an action RPG currently in development and aiming to be released late 2017.

Dungeon City is in some Janky trouble, so gear up and help!
Amongst the Underworld you will obliterate enemies, collecting epic weapons and gear as you plus-up your powers and unleash your mad skills.

Meet the unhinged, funny and dangerous characters of Dungeon City. Pick and choose your quests, explore your story and if loot is your thing then collect it all.

  • Beatifully hand crafted 2D graphics and animations, mixed in a wonderful 3D world
  • Brilliant voice work from talented voice actors
  • Episodic acts with loads of unlockable content
  • Journey solo or with a friend with local co-op multiplayer.

Supported Platforms

  • Xbox One Xbox One
  • Mac MAC


Lyndan Anderson

The brilliant and extremely talented actor Lyndan Anderson is our voice of Billi and our villain Balthazar. Working on commercials and other games, he brings the sweetbix to Coins and Stuff Dungeon City and is awesome to work with! An avid gamer too so go follow his twitter and check out his youtube & websites.

Mike, Dave and Leon (The genies)

British voices make everything sound great right? and we’ve got the brilliant Game Over Yeah guys from the U.K. Be sure to go subscribe and listen to their podcast where they talk about all kinds of games, game news and generally what they are up to... playing games.